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The Queen Edith’s Focus Team standing for election on 6th May

by Amanda Taylor on 10 April, 2021

Liberal Democrats have been at the heart of our community in Queen Edith’s for decades.

We love this community, and we’re very proud of our record of action – working alongside residents to make our fantastic neighbourhood the best it can be.

While we’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved, we can only achieve real change in Queen Edith’s and our city by taking control of the City and County Councils. 

Only the Liberal Democrats can take control of the City and County Councils and provide the fresh start our city needs. 

Hear from the candidates:

Alex -  https://youtu.be/pDkxO_m_GHU
Daniel - https://youtu.be/sb2_3DyHQEc
Jenny - https://youtu.be/_cTIWQ0sud0
Richard - https://youtu.be/CG7sEQ6au0E

To find out more about our plans for Cambridge, click here to read our City Manifesto 2021: A Fresh Start for Cambridge.

Click here for the Cambridge Liberal Democrats website: Cambridge Liberal Democrats (cambridgelibdems.org.uk)

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