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Queen Edith’s Planning applications 22/04/13 – 28/04/13

Here are this weeks planning applications. As usual enter the details at: http://idox.cambridge.gov.uk/online-applications/

13/0543/NMA 22/04/2013  55 Beaumont Road CB1 8PX Non material amendment on application 09/0683/FUL and 12/1106/EXP – (a)removal of hip to extension to rear, and gable end added, (b) roof windows added to rear extension, (c) amended elevational treatment to rear extension,(d) increase in depth of single storey front extension from 2400mm to 3075mm.

Delegated  Decision

13/138/TTPO 22/04/2013  Homerton College Hills Road CB2 8PH T1 – Horse Chestnut – reduce heavy lower limb by 2 to 3 metres. T2 – Walnut – Reduce crown by 4 to 5 metres to alleviate pressure on tree – for safety. T4 – Willow – re-reduce crown of tree – for safety. T5 – Beech trees x 4 – crowns to be raised to approx 3 metres – to allow more light in below. T6 – Lime trees x 2 – install non-invasive cable in both trees – to provide support.T7 – Horse Chestnut – install non-invasive cable in trees crown – to provide support. T13 – Horse Chestnut – large stem growing over path to be reduced by 2 to 3 metres – to lessen pressure on branch junction.

T14 – Maple – reduce crown of tree to below dead crown, keeping good shape  and form – for safety. Delegated  Decision

13/149/TTCA 22/04/2013   30 Cavendish Avenue CB1 7UST1 – Cherry – Remove. Delegated Decision