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Big win for pedestrian safety

by Amanda Taylor on 12 July, 2019

Lib Dem councillors have today announced that their call for pedestrian priority at cycle lane crossings at the soon to be upgraded, Dutch-style roundabout on Fendon Road has been accepted by the County Council.


After years of campaigning for safe pedestrian crossings at the busy junction of Fendon Road and Queen Edith’s Way, close to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, there was some disappointment when designs for the roundabout upgrade came forward. While the dedicated cycleways, which give cyclists priority over road traffic have been welcomed, there was a frostier reception for the crossings, which appeared to favour cyclists over pedestrians. Groups representing people with visual impairments were especially worried about the design. Your councillors shared these concerns.

Following careful negotiation between councillors and County Council officers, this has now been remedied.

Final designs are due to be displayed at the meeting of South Area Committee on July 22nd and will feature full pedestrian priority across the entire road and cycleway.

Cllr George Pippas, who made the improvement an election pledge at the City Council elections this May told us: “We set out from the start to give people safe walking routes in priority to cycles and cars. Because the more vulnerable the road user, the more we must protect them. Pedestrians over cyclists, cyclists over cars and so on.

“We are really proud to have delivered on this election promise. We thank people for once again placing their trust in us and we also wish to thank the County Council cycling team, who have worked hard to provide the solution for local people.”

Roundabout upgrade works are due to start on Monday 9th September 2019 and last for 29 weeks, with the closure of both Queen Edith’s Way arms and local diversions in place.

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