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Protection of wildlife corridors

by Amanda Taylor on 10 April, 2019

The planning committee have unanimously rejected the application for permission to build a two-bedroom house on land to the rear of 45 Cavendish Avenue. Cllr Colin McGerty spoke at the meeting along with a number of residents to object to the planning officer’s recommendation for approval and quoted a number of the policies in the new local plan for Cambridge, which are aimed at limiting the subdivision of gardens for development and to prevent the interruption of wildlife corridors such as the one created by the gardens of Cavendish Avenue. 

Specifically, the policy states that: “Gardens are an important environmental resource and are a vital component of Cambridge’s character. They form part of an area’s development pattern, providing a setting for buildings, which in turn informs the prevailing privacy and amenity enjoyed by residents. They provide space for food production and a semi-natural habitat for local wildlife and corridors for the movement of wildlife through the urban environment.”

This was a community campaign that your local councillors have been involved in and strongly supportive of, and we are very pleased to see that the planning committee had the confidence to support these policies, even against officer’s advice.
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