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South Area meeting: 4th June

by Amanda Taylor on 24 May, 2018

blue busThe next South Area meeting is on Monday 4th June, at the Cherry Hinton Village Centre. It starts with an Open Forum when anybody can ask a question or raise an issue with councillors. Although the area meeting cannot always sort things out on the spot, it can request action from council departments and get balls rolling.

It will include a discussion on transport¬† needs for the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, at the request of our chair, Cllr Zoe O’Connell.

There’s also the regular Environmental Services report. City Council officers will report on their activities over the past three months, with a particular focus on areas they have been asked to concentrate on. Let us know if you want us to bring up any issues.

The following items are included in the agenda:
1 Election of Chair and Vice Chair – SAC
2 Welcome, Introduction and Apologies for Absence
3 Declarations of Interest
4 Minutes
5 Matters and Actions Arising from the Minutes
Items for Discussion
6 Open Forum
7 Transport Needs Review of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus post2020
Items for Decision
8 Environmental Report – SAC

The full agenda is here.


2 Responses

  1. Sam Lake says:

    I can’t believe this station is still only a ‘maybe’. I have worked at Addenbrooke’s for 30 years and we needed a station there back when I started. We certainly need a station more than the north of the city ever did. I can’t make the meeting tonight, but if it came to a vote, I would definitely be voting for a station at Addenbrooke’s.

    thank you

  2. Sam Davies says:

    Can I please encourage all councillors attending the meeting to read in advance the Smarter Cambridge Transport response to the GCP Cambridge South East Consultation? It’s full of great thinking not only about long-term solutions but also some very achievable short-term measures which could be instituted if only our authorities had the gumption to actually do something: https://www.smartertransport.uk/response-to-cambridge-south-east-transport-study-a1307-consultation-2018/

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