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Councillor Colin McGerty

by Amanda Taylor on 4 May, 2018



The Queen Edith’s Lib Dem Focus Team has a new councillor, Cllr Colin McGerty. In the City Council election on 3rd May, Colin polled 1,259 votes to become our new city councillor for the next four years.

Here is the result:

Colin McGerty, Liberal Democrat: 1259 votes (44.2%)

Dan Greef, Labour: 827 votes (29.0%)

Manas Deb, Conservative: 543 votes (19.1%)

Joel Chalfen, Green: 218 votes (7.7%)

Thank you to everyone who supported Colin and the Liberal Democrats, to our opponents for an honest and high-quality contest, and to the Queen Edith’s Community Forum for another fine hustings event.

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  1. Dick Martin says:

    Dear Colin
    Was pleased to meet you, albeit briefly, at Monday’s rally. I was the guy on the mobility scooter , now featured on your webpage and Twitter.

    On my way back home in the dark I drove along the footpath which links Rotherwick Way and Field Way and encountered a dangerous hazard. One of the oak posts supporting the iron poles which separate cycling and pedestrian lanes had rotted at the base and broken causing the poles to lean into the cycle lane and risk impaling a cyclist (or scooter user !). I realigned the poles as well as possible but repair is needed urgently. In fact all the posts have similarly rotted. As a short term measure, maybe the poles should simply be removed.

    Kind regards,

    Dick Martin

    Ps I tried to email you conventionally but failed to elucidate your emai laddress

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